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Centralized Luxury Property Listings Database

Greetings here from Gupta and Sen - India's top Luxury Real Estate Consultancy. One of the main challenges that we face in Mumbai is that we do not have a centralized home listings database. We would like to enlist the help of our fellow associates, agents and consultants in Mumbai to help us together create a centralized listing of luxury and high end resale homes. All the properties in the listing will be made available to every other shareholder in the group. This is not a whatsapp group. This is a more intelligent and dynamic cloud-based listings database that will be private and only made available to all the associates who are partnering with us and who are making their own high end listings available to others on the list.

Please check out our website and leave your name and contact number / email id here if you want to be a part of this select group of luxury realtors in Mumbai. Alternatively you can also contact us through the contact page on our website -

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Centralized Luxury Property Listings Database - by Chloe Dodd - 01-05-2018, 04:29 PM

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