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Society Fund / Charges for extension of Balcony into a room
I had extended the balcony of my first floor flat about 30 years back. At that time the society did not object and did not ask for any compensation for it. Now when I am selling my flat , the society is asking me a huge ransom of money as compensation to the society for the extra space in my Balcony that i converted into a room. They are asking me several Lacs of Rupees based on existing mkt rate of the property for 75 sq ft space of my balcony that i had converted into a room . I wanted to ask if they can legally ask for such a lot of money knowing that I still had to build the walls myself, my flat area officially does not change and they had not taken any repsonsibility for maintaining or otherwise .I am also aware that even when the builders sometimes when they offer terrace space as additional space for any flat, they charge only 1/3rd of the normal sq ft rate. Here the society is asking me more than 50 % of the current sq ft rate of the flat sale. I was also wondering under what accounting norms can they be able to account in the building accounts. I am aready to give a small amount as a fund / donation to the society but certainly not in Lacs of Rupees. Just wanted to know if anyone can give me some thoughts / ideas on what is that is legally possible, what is the best practise in such cases etc. Thanks for any advices / opinions ! Regards, Shibu


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